What Is Love?

Before understanding how one can love someone, we must first define love.  This is where many people get stuck and sometimes turn to media based definitions of love – from Movies, TV, etc.  You might see a scene in which an actor confesses his undying love to a beautiful woman, or maybe there was a instant in which a man and a woman’s eyes meet and they instantly “fall in love,” saying it was “love at first sight” …perhaps they should have looked again.

Typically, when “love” is defined, people use it more as a noun, which can be accurate – I.E. “I am in love”.  However, most of the time, love is actually a verb – I.E. “I can’t stop loving you”.

A VERB is defined as an ACTION word.

In other words, when you “love” somebody, you are performing some action.  The next logical question that arises is, what exactly is this action?  Luckily, there’s a simple answer for that:  Accepting.

LOVE, at it’s core is merely acceptance.

In other words, in order to love somebody, you must accept them.  Acceptance can be considered the most basic form of love.  Without this aspect, true love cannot exist.

But acceptance can’t be the only thing, right?  Love has to be much more than just people going around accepting each other…doesn’t it?  Of course it does!  Acceptance is at the core of love, and is merely one out of the four #LINK TO LAYERS OF LOVE#


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