The Four Layers of Love

Love is kind of like lasagna, the more layers you add, the better it tastes!  In total, there are four (4) layers of love:

The four Layers of Love - Love comes in layers!

Layer 1 – Accept:
At the root and core of love is acceptance.  First and foremost, in order to love somebody, you must accept them for who they are.  This means that you should not try and change the other person, even though a bad quality here or there may push your buttons.  Oftentimes, this first step is the most difficult one.  However, once this layer is in place, you have already started to love the other person, and you now have a good, solid foundation for a loving relationship.

Example:  Jane and John meet,

Layer 2 – Appreciate:
Slightly beyond acceptance comes appreciation.  Once

Layer 3 – Empathize:
After appreciating someone, you begin to

Layer 4 – Express:
If you are strong enough, and your “heart is big enough”